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    Indian Govt. announce in project Make In India.  We are offering 25%  off in all custom made plastic products. 

  • 20-Aug-14

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  • 16-Aug-14

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Procurement Management

Procurement Management System is designed to manage, monitor and develop supplier performance to get all inputs of required quality and quantity at right time and right cost. It covers supplier management from vendor evaluation and qualification to monitoring and improvement. Our entire process involves steps of gathering information, contacting the supplier, reviewing the background, negotiating the deal, procuring, validating goods, monitoring supply and performance improvements.

In today’s competitive world the best way of being cost effective is strong supplier base. We are strategically located in the plastics material manufacturing hub. We have good relation with Sabic, Du-Pont, Ineos, Reliance, Rhodia, DSM, BASF, SRF, Solvay, Tipco and few more. This emphasize our development activity with full support from supplier.


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